Home again!

Our “Roaming in Despair Tour 2023″ ended yesterday at Pordenone Tune Music Lab at it was AWESOME! Horns up for La Squadra Demolizioni, Strikehammer and Exilium Metal Band and a big ❤️ to you all down there for your wonderful vibe.
The past 10 days were wild, intense and memorable and for this we are grateful.
The biggest hug ever goes to our brother and driver Marco Marcinkus: we’d never gonna make it without you, man!
We raise our chalice to Night Demon, Speed Queen, Laura, Joao and Joao: thank you so much, guys, you are great!
We express our deep gratitude to all the promoters, to all the good people we met and to all you super cool metal crowds, who made every gig such a special moment.
We love you all!