Sooo… We are stoked to unveil all details about our spring 2024 European Ride!!
This time we’re gonna hit the road with our brothers Thunderor, straight out of Canada to set our highways on fire!
Where will you catch us up?
MAY 2024

2 – SCHWARZER KEILER – Stuttgart
3 – SOUTH OF HEAVEN – Bilzen
6 – LOGO – Hamburg
7 – TBC – Kassel
8 – BLACK LABEL – Leipzig
9 – PAUNCHY CATS – Lichtenfels
10 – ESCAPE – Wien
11 – GUSTAF PEKARNA – Maribor
12 – MESKIO BAR – Caneva PN

Tour Poster 1080x1080 mod

Home again!

Our “Roaming in Despair Tour 2023″ ended yesterday at Pordenone Tune Music Lab at it was AWESOME! Horns up for La Squadra Demolizioni, Strikehammer and Exilium Metal Band and a big ❤️ to you all down there for your wonderful vibe.
The past 10 days were wild, intense and memorable and for this we are grateful.
The biggest hug ever goes to our brother and driver Marco Marcinkus: we’d never gonna make it without you, man!
We raise our chalice to Night Demon, Speed Queen, Laura, Joao and Joao: thank you so much, guys, you are great!
We express our deep gratitude to all the promoters, to all the good people we met and to all you super cool metal crowds, who made every gig such a special moment.
We love you all!

new Lyric Video!!

YO, everybody!! Here we go with a brand new lyric video for the title track of our latest EP “Roaming In Despair”.
Inspired by and dedicated to every individual forced to go hopelessly wandering through lands, seas and lives.
Get aboard if you dare!

New EP

⚡️Yo everybody!⚡️Breaking news: our new EP “Roaming in Despair” will be out on March 25th thanks to the Canadian label Boonsdale Records It’s going to be a special mixed dish for Heavy Metal gourmets made of some spicy old singles, completely remixed and remastered, and some hot new mouth-watering stuff never released before. As special topping, Jarvis Letherby from Night Demon joined us on vocals for a number that pays tribute to a music legend we all loved!!
Artwork by Mirkow Gastow

We want to scream a very loud THANK YOU! to all you crazy headbangers out there who made our nomad long week end deflagrate!!! BLAH BLAH in Turin was a blast, DEEP INSIDE KLUB ROCK in Dijon you ruled, Iron Fest Open Air was fuckin’ awesome!!!

Special mention for Nik & Thomas , Nath, Lionel & Phoenix Rising Association , Mkno & Dome: you guys are great!
Super hugs to our brother Marco Marcinkus, who took very good care of us all the time! You are the best, man, we love you!


bad news…

Dear friends, unfortunately we just got caught by this bio-bullshit that had the world go crazy for the past three years.
For this reason we must cancel our participation to these very cool events we were very happy to be part of:
- 20/5 @ Cso Django (TV) w/ Messa / Destroy All Gondolas / Kariti
- 21/5 @ ALIVE! METAL FEST 2022 – Prosecco TS w/ Sinheresy ..
- 26/5 @ Metalheadz Open Air 2022 – Obendorf Am Lech w/ Midnight / Night Demon / Bonfire..
At the moment the show @ MKNZ – Ilirska Bistrica (SLO) with the mighty THUNDEROR and BLACK IVY is still confirmed, so we’ll catch up there!
Fingers crossed and anyway… Horns Up!!

Gotta Keep Movin’ (MC5 Cover)

Yo! In October 2021 we decided to get back to our roots and revisited a classic jewel from the band MC5, heroes from the ’60s-’70s Detroit scene and prime movers towards the heavy sounds we all love!
Ladies and gentlemen and whatever else here is our own way’s “Gotta Keep Moving”!