Motori (Divlje Jagode cover)

we recently released “Motori”, a cover of the Yugoslav band Divlje Jagode, recorded live during the “Rock’n’Roll Summer Camp Fest” in Italy in June 2019.

The song is now present in the digital compilation “RNR SUMMER CAMP Vol. 2” and will be released on 12 “vinyl later this year via Retro Vox Record.

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Live Streaming

Hello Guys!
We shared with you through our channel this very raw very real live footage.
To keep it true and keep it rocking until we’ll met again!!

back in studio

YO, everybody! Your friendly neighborhood headbangers TYTUS are back in studio to track down some brand new very Heavy Metal stuff to delight your gourmet ears after their fortunate 2019 full length “Rain After Drought” (Fighter Records). The pandemic disaster made impossible to realize their scheduled Springtime European Tours, but it could not stop them from playing and recording! This means that sometimes before the end of the year TYTUS will release the first single from their near to come third album, in a very special edition mixed by Olof Wikstrand from the band Enforcer at the Hvergelmer Music Studios in Arvika, Sweden.

Stay tuned for more!!

Happy New Year!!

Thanks to all you dudes out there our 2019 has been amazing! We had our new record “Rain After Drought” out last January which had incredible feedbacks everywhere, sooo cool! We also played it live a lot on stages all around Europe and it was fantastic to meet many of you crazy long time fellows personally while many others joined the crew along the way! To every single one of you: thanks for the great time together! We’ll meet again soon on our 2020 spring european tour, so start getting ready right now!!! We also got surprises in our pockets due to our neverending studio addiction, so stay tuned for more! But for now… Cheers, everybody!! Happy Awesome New Fuckin’ Year to you all!


Rain After Drought Part.2 (Lyric Video)

Out now on NWOTHM Full Albums youtube channel a our new lyric video!
Extracted from our homonymous latest album, “Rain After Drought – part II” is inspired by the recent fights of North Dakota Sioux Tribes against the construction of an oil pipeline in Standing Rock Indian Reservation, and is dedicated to all the people around ready to take action to stop brutal exploitation of our beautiful and only planet.